Welcome to My Seriously Joy-filled World of Words!

In a world that makes no sense to me, making nonsense makes sense.

And yes, I take my nonsense seriously.  

But it's not all nonsense.  

I'm a writer, reciter, a speaker, a teacher, a sister, a daughter, a mother, a wife. A listener, a seeker, a maker of nonsense, a reader, a leader, a lipslippery fool. A doctor, a walker, a talk-talk-talk- talker, a giggle-glad Oma, an odd sort of soul.

Yearner and learner
An ever beginner!
Hope is my teacher
Life is my school.

I've lived in New Brunswick, on Chocolate Lake, Nova Scotia, in Washington D. C. We now live in Pictou County, Nova Scotia on the hobby farm Happy Doodle Do.     

I write books for all ages, speak, give workshops on creativity, literacy education, children's and women's issues, storytelling and narrative. I've published books in all genres. I also mentor/guide writers one on one--sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee.

My posts on this site are riffs- what's most on my mind. I hope you take a look and in the words of Willam Blake: Kiss the Joy as it Flies.